“Our relationship with Co-Line started over 18 years ago. It began when I gave a print to Rail (Dale) Brand of a part that we knew would be difficult to make. The team at Co-Line provided us with a competitive price and quality product of which unknowing to them, was a “test” for potential future parts similar in design. Matter of fact, after success with this part, we had so much confidence in Co-Line we gave them a purchase order for a tool and die of a part to stamp on a press they didn’t even own yet.

Over the years, the two companies have worked closely together in developing multitudes of parts that have allowed us to be price competitive, provide quality parts with timely deliveries along with designs that allowed our products to grow with incremental business.

Our initial relationship was stamped parts but Co-Line has grown into a larger company than this. Co-Line is a world class manufacturer in fabrication, prototype development, die and mold design, formed parts, stamped parts, one part sampling, just to mention just a few. We are proud to be able to say we have a customer/supplier relationship that we can openly discuss best ways and practices that will benefit both our companies. It has been a great path.”


“I was out on the dock earlier and saw a stand with the completed rake reels we had sent there on our pickup – already processed and back from Co-Line. Co-Line hit it out of the park on this one. Please thank them again for their flexibility and customer service!”

Plant 2 CR, Vermeer Corporation (Co-Line received this after quickly processing their rake reels order)

“Dear Eric, Sheryl, and all –

Thanks so much for the invitation and eventual tour of your facilities on Friday.  What a “diamond in the rough!!!” You have a wonderful facility and from the outward appearance a great group of people that work together as a team. The entire country should come to Iowa and see the type of people and companies we have – see what honest, hard working values promote! Congratulations on your success.”

Mid-States Manufacturing and Engineering, Inc.

“Thank you, This may seem impersonal but you really don’t know how much this helps our customer. We are not very good at saying thank you, but time and time again Co-Line has helped us out and made PPI look good to our customers. Thanks for being a great supplier.”

Purchasing Manager, PPI

“Please tell everyone involved a BIG Thank you for your constant teamwork with us!”

Pella Corp (received after Co-Line completed in less than one week an order for four parts that was quoted at two weeks)

“To whom it may concern:  I am a parts specialist here at Seneca Tank Inc. in Des Moines, Ia.  We have been doing business with Co-Line Mfg. since 2009 and we have been very satisfied with every aspect of their business.

Co-line Mfg. has met and most times over achieved the quality we are looking for in manufacturing custom parts we use in our business to keep us ahead of the competition.  I would recommend Co-line Mfg. for all your Aluminum, Stainless Steel and steel fabrication needs.”

Seneca Tank Inc.

“We have increased our business with Co-Line over the past few years because Co-Line; 1) is a good match with our company values and beliefs, 2) engineers for manufacturability, 3) is globally competitively priced, 4) provides and stands behind their high quality, 5) thrives on a culture of continuous improvement.  The people of Co-Line make the difference, across the board.  Their productive work ethic and commitment to customer satisfaction make Co-Line a good sourcing option.  I am confident we will have opportunities to continue to increase our business with Co-Line in the next several years.”

Manager of Global Sourcing Lincoln Industries

“I started working with CO-LINE in October 2006,  I got their name from one of my other suppliers.  They have allowed us here at AUTO-JET to quote work that we are unable to do in house and normally would have no-quoted.  We have extremely complex assemblies that need laser cut pipes and I found that they understood what we needed and delivered a high quality product.  Not only delivered good parts but in the timeframe we agreed on .The pricing is very attractive and allows us to bid nontraditional jobs and we win the bids.  I have worked with a number of different people (apparently they promote good people from within) and all have treated us like we were special.  I like the fact that they pick up the raw material from us and deliver finished parts back to us, never any damage in shipping.  The personal attention is rare and I sure enjoy working with them.”

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