Inventory management: Your way is our way.

Your needs always take priority. It’s how you want it, not how we want you to do it.

Why choose Co-Line?

Short lead times

Everything is done in-house. We don’t have to rely on anyone else to maintain our just-in-time model.

Customized inventory orders

We don’t want to overload you with product if you can’t handle it. We believe in providing low inventory and faster shipping options to get you more product when you actually need it.

How it works


We use reusable containers that can be returned to our facility—what we call returnables. Returnables can save you warehouse space and money because, once the container is empty, we’ll simply pick it up and continue with production.

Old Fashion “Milk Runs”

We can pick up your returnables weekly or even daily on our “milk runs,” staying true to the just-in-time manufacturing process. We’ll supply you with only the product you need to facilitate production.


We use a Kanban system, which provides you with the product, right when you need it. You’ll get a continuous flow of materials with returnables and daily or weekly “milk runs.”

Co-Line Inventory Specifications

We have over 20,000 sq. ft. Secure Warehouse Space on Site.

Our combination of Toyota and Hyster Fork Trucks have up to 30,000 lb Capacity

In our facility we have multiple cranes to transport material to put into your finished products. Co-Line has a single 40,000 lb. Overhead Crane, three 20,000 lb. Overhead Cranes, and three 10,000 lb. Overhead Cranes.

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