Co-Line offers a wide range of inspection tools, including a Brown & Sharpe DCC CMM with 3-D scanning capability and PC DMIS Cad++, as well as a Romer Portable CMM arm and a Rockwell & Brinnell Hardness Tester. A full line of manual measuring equipment along with in-house gage calibration capability help make sure you get the quality weld you deserve. We are an ISO9001:2015 certified company. Our systems and process are briefly listed below.

    Brown & Sharpe DCC CMM with 3D Scanning & PC DMIS CAD++

    Romer Portable CMM Arm, 8 ft. Diameter with PC DMIS CAD Capability

    Virtek 2D Flat Laser Scanner (48″ x 48″ Bed)

    Rockwell & Brinnell Hardness Tester

    Full Line of Manual Measuring Equipment

    In-House Gauge Calibration

    3D Laser Scanning for inspection and reverse engineering

    Romer arm with Laser scanning

    Co-Line works as a unit to insure product quality and relies on the organization as a whole to reach perfection in regards to inspection and quality.