High Performance Two Component (2K ) OEM Coating Systems

Stratum Ultra Primer by Diamond Vogel

The Stratum two component urethane primer system is a high performance, high solids primer for Original Equipment Manufacturers that require excellent gloss holdout, adhesion, chip resistance and corrosion resistance in a low VOC, low HAP’s system.  This primer system includes the latest generation of rust inhibitor technologies. Click here for details.

Hyperthane 450 Hyperformance Urethane by Diamond Vogel

The Hyperthane 450, 3.5 VOC two component acrylic polyurethane is a high performance coating system designed for manufacturers that demand excellent gloss retention, hardness, mar and chemical resistance.  This is the system of choice for industrial finishers that desire excellent resistance to fading or chalking from exposure to sunlight and chemicals under splash and spill conditions. These coatings are mixed at 4:1 ratio (by volume) with IG-0267 and require no induction time.  Hyperthane 450 can be applied with conventional, airless, electrostatic, and plural component equipment.  We also use the recommended primer to use with Hyperthane- the  Stratum two component urethane primer system. Click here for details.