Co-Line expanded its tube bending capabilities with the purchase of a Starbend 800 CNC mandrel tube bender in February 2016. The Starbend 800 is a natural complement to Co-Line’s existing tube processing equipment and continues the Co-Line trend of industry-leading offerings as this bender offers the latest in interpolation bending capability.

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Technical Data

Max bending capacity-  80 x 6 mm (3” x 1/4 wall)

Min bending capacity- 25.4 mm (1”)

Max bend radius- 320 mm (12.6″)

Max bend angle- 220°

Quick Setup Feature

Adding or removing pressure dies and programming parts are what set the Star line of benders apart from the competition.  All-electric controls for this mid-range bender is what keeps operating and maintenance costs low and affordable. We are also able to import 3D models into the machine software.

Dual Stack

This tube bending machine can control the bend angle, tube rotation, and straight length.  The dual stack combination allows both conventional radius bends along with interpolation bending.

Interpolation bending

Interpolation (or push) bending, is generally used when the bend’s centerline radius is at least six to eight times the tube diameter.  It’s for larger, sweeping bends. The CNC bender’s collet holds and feeds the tube into a series of rollers, which replace the traditional pressure die. The tube is fed through the rollers and across the bend die, which forms the tube to the desired shape.

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