Design your prototype now to save later.

We can help you design and test the part, before it goes into production. This can save money and delays in the long run by preventing design and manufacturing issues. Letting you rest easy.

Why choose Co-Line?

One-stop shop

We can be there from start to finish. We have a full design team, which includes employees from engineering to production and a wide variety of equipment that will meet every need. We’ll design your prototype from a manufacturability perspective first. So your part will be easier to manufacture, saving you money (and a headache) in the long run.


We’re more than manufacturers, we’re entrepreneurs too. We constantly seek out new ways to make our business better and are always doing our best to stay ahead of the curve on trends.

Our tool belt separates us from the rest.

We utilize Solidworks software allowing us to design the parts you need. Using our structured light scanner we can take any part and digitally recreate it using our 3D scanner. Our teams also partner with PolyWorks to create the smoothest production cycle possible. In addition our whole shop is at our disposal, from our vast Tool & Die Department to our Repair Shop. We’re not afraid to go across disciplines to get the job done right.


Our design and engineering teams work with multiple programs and software’s to fit your needs. We use varying platforms to supply you with the data and information to help with your decisions and product changes. Listed below are examples of current programs and software out teams are working with.

Solidworks 2013 Design Suite Software with Solids, Parametrics, and Complete 3D Capability

Catia V5 Design Software with Kinematics & Blank Development

Virtual Gibbs Machining & Turning Software with Full 3D Capability

SigmaNest 2D laser programming software

Mazak Space Cam/FG Cam 3D laser programming software

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