Co-Liners’ Commutes

In April, the Jasper County Economic Development Corporation and the Iowa Workforce Development partnered to complete a laborshed employment study to determine where employers in Jasper County get their employees. We found the results at Co-Line to be pretty interesting and thought you might enjoy knowing where your co-workers drive from every day. See below for the number of Co-Liners driving from each of the following towns.

24 Sully

21 Pella

19 Newton

10 Lynnville

10 Montezuma

7   Grinnell

7   Monroe

7   Reasnor

6   New Sharon

5   Oskaloosa

3   Killduff

3   Knoxville

2   Colfax

2   University Park

1   Barnes City

1   Baxter

1   Gilman

1   Malcom

1   Marshalltown

1   Pleasantville

1   Prairie City

1   Searsboro

1   Fremont

Honorable mention goes out to one employee in Harmony, MN. However, we couldn’t include Minnesota in the Iowa labor study!