Co-Line Halloween Costume Contest

If the Halloween Costume Contest proved anything on Oct. 28, it’s that Co-Liners are very creative people! More than 50 costumed employees were judged at the 9 a.m. break the Friday before Halloween. Mark Van Wyk (north building), Bryan De Jong (office), and Dan Tool (south building) had the difficult task of being the judges.


Best Impersonation: Elizabeth Van Wyk (as Musky)

Funniest: Dale Maston (as a nerd)

Most Creative: Tony Van Wyk/Joel Struik (“supporting” breast cancer awareness)

Overall: Wayne Woollums/Taylor Terpstra (as Bob Ross and his painting)


The Best Impersonation, Funniest, and Most Creative winners each received a week’s worth of free lunches, a $25 gift card, and a Co-Line Inspire shirt. The overall winners took home the $101 found in Eric Brand’s wallet.