Co-Line’s laser technology includes both 2D& 3D laser cutting capabilities. Our dedicated 3D tube processing lasers can handle material up to 10″ diameter by 24″ long. Our Mazak Spacegears are capable of cutting tube, pipe, flat steel, and more. Automation allows 24/7 capacity on flat 4000w lasers.

We have Four 6-axis structural tube and pipe lasers and two 6-axis flat lasers. The maximum tube/pipe size for the lasers are: 10″ diameter x 26.5′ length (up to 5/8″ wall). With the cutting process we also offer full internal machine tapping function available.

The maximum sheet size is 60″ x 120″.

The maximum thicknesses that we can work with is 1.00″ (steel) .500″ (stainless steel) .375″ (aluminum).